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What to Do if Someone Accuses You of Rape

What to Do if Someone Accuses You of Rape

If someone accuses you of rape, you should consider working with a defense attorney immediately. They can fight the possible charges you face.What to Do if Someone Accuses You of Rape Accusing someone of rape is serious. Whether this is someone you know, an acquaintance, or a stranger, law enforcement will likely take them seriously. […]

Domestic violence charges

Domestic Violence Charges in Arizona

If you face domestic violence charges in Arizona, you are entitled to legal representation before a court of law. Domestic violence encompasses many activities and is typically associated with other crimes, such as physical assault, harassment, sexual assault, and stalking. The associated crimes can determine the classification and penalties for the domestic violence charges you […]

What Is Criminal Trespass in Phoenix

What Is Criminal Trespass in Phoenix?

Trespassing on another person’s residential or commercial property is a criminal offense. According to criminal trespass laws in Phoenix, you cannot enter a property after the property owner or police ask you to leave or they have posted reasonable notice prohibiting entry. When a person commits criminal trespass in Phoenix, they could face significant penalties, […]

What are your rights during a DUI stop?

What Are Your Rights During a DUI Stop?

Driving while intoxicated from alcohol or drugs can impair your ability to operate a vehicle. This can put your life and the lives of your passengers and others on the road at risk. However, if the police investigate you for a DUI, you still have rights that they must uphold for the evidence and charge […]

Sex Offender Laws

Do I need a lawyer when questioned about a sexual assault?

Do I Need a Lawyer When Questioned About a Sexual Assault?

Without question, you need a lawyer with you when questioned about sexual assault. Even if you know you didn’t commit the crime and don’t feel concerned about the process, consider the benefits of having a lawyer on your side. During questioning, you could make statements that hurt or even incriminate you. An attorney can protect […]

How does a defense lawyer build a sexual assault defense case?

How Does a Defense Lawyer Build a Sexual Assault Defense Case?

A defense lawyer builds a case against a sexual assault charge using evidence. The more evidence they have of their client’s innocence, the stronger the case will be. Supporting information can include eyewitness testimony, forensic evidence, and phone records. A defense lawyer may also assess the laws that apply to their client’s case to seek […]


Arizona Misdemeanor Criminal Case Process

Being arrested for an Arizona misdemeanor charge is both extremely stressful and extremely scary. Knowing the course that your case will take can help ease some of this stress. In this article, we will explain in a general way what you can expect in each step of the criminal process in limited jurisdiction, or lower, Arizona courts, which are those that handle only misdemeanor cases in their criminal caseload. Keep in mind that every court in Arizona may have different procedures or names for these steps, and the best way to know exactly what to expect is to speak to your…

What are the Differences Between Theft, Shoplifting, Robbery, and Burglary?

Theft Charges in Arizona Theft is by far the most common way to charge a person with a crime for taking the property of another person. Theft, covered by ARS 13-1802, requires the State to prove that without lawful authority, a person knowingly did one of the following things: Controlled the property of another with the […]


Arizona Felony Sentencing Guidelines Updated for 2022

Arizona Felony Sentencing Guidelines Arizona follows a statutorily created mandatory sentencing scheme for those charged with a felony offense. What this means is that in determining what an appropriate sentence is, a Court is required to sentence within a given range created by the legislature. The felony sentencing charts, below, are helpful in that they show what potential penalties a person is facing. Keep in mind that determining where a person falls under the guidelines requires analysis by an experienced criminal…