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Phoenix Drug Possession Attorney

If you face drug possession charges in Phoenix, you could benefit from hiring legal representation through your case proceedings. We can develop a strong defense at Gurion Legal to help you fight your charges.

Our Phoenix drug possession attorney can work with the prosecution to try getting your charges reduced or dropped. We want to help you avoid a conviction, so you don’t have to deal with the other consequences that come with spending time in jail. Contact us today to learn more about our legal services after you find yourself with drug possession charges in Phoenix.

Why Choose Gurion Legal for Your Phoenix Drug Possession Attorney?

At Gurion Legal, we can provide diligent criminal defense representation if you face drug possession charges. Regardless of how complex the case is, we can work hard to help you reach the outcome you deserve. Without an attorney, you might not know your legal options and the steps you could take to avoid a conviction.

We offer many benefits to our clients and give good reasons to choose us for your Phoenix drug possession case.

Highlights of our firm include:

  • We can stand up for you in court to defend your rights and help you avoid a criminal conviction.
  • We give each case personalized attention. Our team knows each case involves different factors that could change the outcome. We can adapt our strategy based on your specific circumstances.
  • Our team understands the stress a drug possession charge can have on you. Because of that, we offer supportive legal representation.
  • We stand up for your rights. Our team can have your back throughout the entirety of your case. We can listen to your version of events to hear what happened without judgment.
  • We can build a strong defense against the charges you face. When you face a criminal conviction, we understand the seriousness of that. If convicted, you could serve jail time or pay significant fines. We want to help you avoid a conviction and can build a strong defense strategy to help you achieve that.

While you have the right to defend yourself against criminal accusations, a defense attorney can add tremendous value to your case. We know how to navigate through any complex legal issues that could come up in your case. Our attorneys can also work with the prosecution to negotiate a fair plea deal. We understand criminal law and can provide legal guidance throughout your case.

How Our Phoenix Drug Possession Attorney Can Guide You Through Your Case

The sooner you contact us about your case, the sooner we can defend your rights. If you call us from jail after an arrest, we can come to your side to defend you during interrogations. Our team can speak on your behalf through interrogations to help you avoid saying anything incriminating.

Other ways we can help you through your case include:

  • Advising you as to whether you should accept a plea bargain
  • Guiding you on if you should plead guilty or not guilty during initial hearings
  • Negotiating with the prosecutor to present a fair plea deal
  • Building a defense against your charges
  • Defending you in court if your case goes to a trial
  • Preparing witnesses to speak on your behalf
  • Advocating for your best interests
  • Explaining how the laws in Phoenix apply to your drug possession case

Our legal team can represent you through interrogations, an arraignment, and any hearings regarding your case. Through each court proceeding, we can present the facts of the case in a way that could help you avoid a conviction.

Common Types of Drug Possession Charges in Phoenix

In Phoenix, a few drug-related acts are illegal:

  • Possessing or using a dangerous drug
  • Selling a dangerous drug
  • Manufacturing a dangerous drug
  • Possessing the equipment or ingredients needed to manufacture a dangerous drug
  • Giving a dangerous drug to someone else
  • Transporting a dangerous drug into the state with the intent to sell

Examples of dangerous drugs include methamphetamine, ecstasy, LSD, PCP, Xanax, Valium, or anabolic steroids. If you get caught with these drugs, you could face criminal charges or a conviction. However, Gurion Legal can help you avoid a conviction by fighting your charges.

Penalties You Could Face With a Drug Charge Conviction in Phoenix

After getting a drug possession charge, you could face strict penalties if convicted. Depending on the severity of your charge, you could face decades in prison.

Potential penalties you could face if you get convicted include:

  • Class 2 felony: 12.5 years in prison
  • Class 3 felony: 8.75 years in prison
  • Class 4 felony: 3.75 years in prison

On top of jail time, if you get convicted of drug possession, you could expect to pay large fines.

These sentences can be even longer if you have prior felony convictions.

Serving a long prison sentence can change your life drastically. Let our legal team help you avoid jail or go for less time. With our representation, you can have hope that you won’t have to deal with a criminal conviction or jail time.

Possible Defenses for Drug Possession Charges in Phoenix

The Phoenix drug possession attorneys at Gurion Legal can develop a strong defense strategy on your behalf. Just because you face a drug possession charge doesn’t mean you will get convicted. Some of the defenses we can use when we represent you include:

The Police Conducted an Illegal Search

For the police to put drugs they find in your vehicle, home, or on your body into evidence, they must have conducted the search to find those drugs legally. The Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution gives each person the right to security. Therefore, law enforcement officers cannot conduct unreasonable searches and seizures.

To legally search a vehicle, house, or person, the law enforcement officer must have probable cause or a search warrant. If a police officer unlawfully searches a vehicle and finds illegal drugs, our legal team could work to get that evidence thrown out. We can gather evidence to prove the police officer didn’t have probable cause to search your car and, therefore, cannot admit the evidence.

Without the evidence of illegal drugs, we can work to get your charges dropped.

You Didn’t Have the Intent To Sell

If you get charged with drug possession with the intent to sell, you could face severe penalties. Our team can come up with a strong defense to protect you against a conviction for these charges.

When you get charged with drug possession with the intent to sell, we could claim:

  • You didn’t actually possess the illegal drugs
  • You didn’t intend to sell the illegal drugs
  • The police entrapped you

If the prosecution cannot prove you had the intent to sell the drugs found on you, you could avoid a harsher charge. Our team can work to get you a lesser charge, such as drug possession, or to get your charges dropped completely.

Insufficient Quantity

In Phoenix, you could face harsher penalties if you have higher quantities of drugs on you at the time of an arrest. However, if you get the maximum charge because of the amount of drugs you have on you, we can work to get the charges lowered.

We can challenge the amount of drugs to reduce your charges or try to get your case dismissed. Depending on the circumstances, we could use this as a potential defense.

The Drugs Didn’t Belong to You

During a criminal trial, the prosecution must prove the drugs they found belonged to you. If you live in a house with roommates and the police conduct a search and find drugs inside the house, you could get charged with drug possession. Although, those drugs might belong to one of your roommates, not you.

Before the trial, we can work to convince the prosecution that they cannot prove you owned the drugs. If they want to continue towards a trial, we can put reasonable doubt in the jurors’ minds that the drugs belonged to you. The jurors could have more difficulty making a guilty verdict if the prosecution cannot prove the drugs found were yours.

You Unknowingly Possessed the Drugs

Another strong defense strategy we could use includes proving you didn’t know you had possession of the drugs. For example, if you get pulled over by law enforcement, and they search the vehicle you drive and find drugs, they could charge you with drug possession.

Sometimes, you might not own the vehicle you got pulled over in. If this happens, we could argue that you didn’t know the vehicle contained drugs. However, the law states you must knowingly possess drugs. Our team can fight to show the prosecution doesn’t have proof beyond a reasonable doubt that you knew about the drugs.

Someone Planted the Drugs

Someone could plant evidence on you for various reasons.

Common reasons people plant evidence include:

  • They want someone else to take the fall for their actions
  • They want you to get in trouble

If the police find illegal drugs on you or in your home or car, they could charge you with drug possession. We can collect evidence to prove that another person planted the drugs on you. Again, if the prosecution cannot prove you knew you had the drugs on you, you could get your charges dismissed or lowered.

Unreliable Witness Testimony

If a conviction could come down to witness testimony, our legal team could put doubt in the minds of jurors about the reliability of the witness. If they don’t trust the witness, that could put doubt in their minds. We can do this by utilizing questioning tactics and other strategies.

Evidence Doesn’t Prove You Committed the Crime Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

If your case goes to trial, we will want to get the jury to agree that you didn’t commit the crime. If the prosecution doesn’t have a lot of evidence against you, our strategy could include poking holes in their case. To get a conviction, the jury must believe you committed the crime.

If we put enough doubt in their minds that you didn’t commit the crime, the jury will have no choice but to give a not guilty verdict. Our team has skilled litigators who can use their knowledge to prove the prosecution’s case doesn’t have the strength to warrant a conviction.

A Conviction on Your Record Could Cause Long-Term Consequences

While you might think you can serve jail time and move on with your life after a conviction, you could face further consequences. Employers and landlords typically conduct background checks on potential employees or tenants. If they see a criminal conviction on your record, they could deny you housing or employment. These issues could significantly affect your financial situation and livelihood in the future.

On top of these issues, you could also struggle to get a personal loan or keep custody of your children. Because of the vast number of consequences you could face with a conviction, you should do everything you can to avoid one. Our drug possession attorneys in Phoenix can work tirelessly on your case to avoid a conviction and the long-term consequences that you could face.

Contact a Phoenix Drug Possession Attorney Today

If you find yourself in a difficult situation and think you could get charged with a crime, contact the drug possession defense team serving Phoenix from Gurion Law at (480) 800-0020. You can speak to a member of our team for free, and we can explain how we can help you. Also, we can give you information about your legal options and what you can expect to happen in the coming days.

During the free consultation, we can hear your side of the story and investigate what really happened. Then, when you hire our firm to take on your case, we can stand by your side. Our legal team can advocate for you and try to defend you from getting a criminal conviction. Reach out to a Phoenix drug lawyer.

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