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Phoenix Violent Crime Lawyer

You’re here because the state has charged you with a violent crime. Whether you’re truly guilty or the victim of a misunderstanding, you have every right to partner with a Phoenix violent crime lawyer. Despite what others tell you, you have the right to a fair trial.

Gurion Legal understands what you’re going through. We’re here to guide you through this uncertain time and advocate for your future.

Gurion Legal Has Secured Successful Outcomes for Violent Crime Defendants

Our lawyers have built a reputation for securing fair outcomes for defendants in Phoenix. While we can’t guarantee the same results for your case, we hope these outcomes give you confidence about partnering with us.

Here are some of our success stories:

  • The state charged our client with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, along with fleeing the scene of an accident. Through an investigation, we found that the police mishandled evidence. This allowed us to secure a plea deal where we got our client unsupervised probation. They didn’t spend a single day in jail.
  • Our client was shocked to learn they had a warrant out for a crime that allegedly happened 19 years prior. The state charged them with assault and disorderly conduct. We successfully argued that because of the delay in criminal proceedings, our client shouldn’t face these charges. We got the case dismissed.
  • A night on the town resulted in a bar fight involving our client. Yet, through an investigation, we found that the prosecution had a baseless case. This allowed us to push for and secure a dismissal.

Once you start working with our firm, we can examine the facts of your case to develop a defense that could benefit you. As you can see, our team has helped many people get their violent crime charges​ dropped, reduced, or dismissed. We aim to get the best outcome for your future.

We Offer Free Consultations to Violent Crime Defendants in Phoenix

To learn more about how we can help you with your violent crimes charge, you can speak to an attorney during a free consultation. Here, you can get answers to your most pressing questions.

Also, you can learn more about:

  • The benefits of partnering with our team
  • Your legal options
  • What defenses could benefit you
  • How soon we can start working on your case

We want to give you a realistic picture of the situation. We don’t sugarcoat anything because we want you to understand everything moving forward. That way, you can make informed decisions and plan ahead.

How Gurion Legal Can Defend You From a Violent Crimes Conviction in Phoenix

Once you get arrested, the state will immediately start building a case against you. Although the saying goes innocent until proven guilty, the prosecutor might have already made up their mind about you. This makes having solid legal counsel crucial. The state could treat you like a common criminal, even if you acted in self-defense.

To protect your future, we can:

Investigate the Violent Crime Charges

If possible, we can visit the scene of the alleged violent crime. We can review any police reports and interview witnesses. By getting a picture of what happened, our team can start building your defense.

Ensure Officers Lawfully Arrested You

Law enforcement officers must follow proper procedures and rules when making arrests. For example, they must read you your Miranda Rights, meaning that you have the right to remain silent. If they don’t read these rights, and you incriminate yourself, that admission could get thrown out in court.

Our team can investigate the arrest to ensure the officers conducted themselves according to lawful procedures. If not, we can use our findings to benefit your case.

Explain Your Rights

Despite how law enforcement may have treated you at the arrest scene, you still have legal rights. We aim to explain those rights from the very beginning, so you know what to expect. We also protect you from anyone infringing on those rights, including police officers, courtroom officials, and other attorneys.

Develop a Defense Strategy

After a violent crime charge, we can develop a defense based on the facts of your case. The prosecution has the burden of proving you committed the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. We can present contradicting evidence to protect your future.

Advise You on Taking a Plea Deal (if Applicable)

To avoid a trial, the prosecution could offer you a plea deal. This is generally a lighter sentence in exchange for a guilty plea. For instance, suppose the state charged you with child abuse. Yet, the prosecution might offer a plea deal if you plead guilty to child endangerment. While this wouldn’t rule out the possibility of jail time altogether, you could spend significantly less time behind bars than if formally convicted by a judge and jury.

Defend You at Trial

If you don’t accept a plea deal (or if one isn’t offered), Gurion Legal can advocate for you in court.

This involves:

  • Building credibility
  • Presenting decisive evidence
  • Looking for contradictions in witnesses’ testimony
  • Consulting with field professionals
  • Dealing with your case’s paperwork
  • Objecting to unfair proceedings

Throughout your case, we can handle communications with the opposing counsel and your family. We understand how stressful getting charged can be. Our team wants to help with any stress and provide hope that you can move on after this ordeal.

Defensive Strategies We Could Use to Defend You From a Violent Crimes Charge

When you hire our firm to combat a violent crime charge, you can expect us to build a strong defense. We understand the harsh penalties you could face and want to help you avoid them. To protect your future, we may assert:

You Didn’t Commit the Crime—Someone Else Did

You could face charges because a witness or the victim wrongfully identified you as the perpetrator. We could build our defense by stating someone mistook your identity. We could use the police report, an alibi, or security camera footage to prove this.

You Acted in Self-Defense

Under Arizona law, if you believe that someone else is a threat to your safety, you can act in reasonable self-defense. Proving self-defense requires us to put the alleged violent act in context. For instance, if someone attempted to choke you, but you shot them in the arm, you could claim that you were acting in your own best interest.

External Pressure Forced You to Act Out of Character

If someone threatened you under force to commit a violent act, we could fight that you acted out of fear. We could use phone records, text messages, and witness testimony to prove this defense.

The Police Violated Your Constitutional Rights

When law enforcement makes an arrest, you have constitutional rights they must respect. If they don’t, you could get some evidence thrown out, making the prosecution’s case less compelling.

The Witnesses Lied

False accusations happen more often than most people think. For instance, in some custodial disputes, one parent will try to paint the other in a bad light, hoping to gain leverage in court. Other ulterior motives could also play a role.

Accusing another party of lying isn’t easy. We need to use evidence to show that you aren’t guilty. This may include many of the items we’ve previously mentioned, like the police report.

The Statute of Limitations Passed on the Alleged Crime

Sometimes, the state charges people for crimes that happened decades ago. For those facing serious crimes (like first-degree homicide, for example), going to trial is hard to avoid; these charges don’t come with expiration dates. Yet, for many other violent crimes, the state only has a certain window to file its case.

We’ve won cases before where too much time had lapsed between an alleged crime and the trial date. If you face a similar predicament, we can evaluate your case and possibly push for a dismissal of all charges.

Our Lawyers Advocate for People Facing These Charges in Phoenix

Arizona law defines violent crimes as any criminal act that results in the death or physical injury of another person. It also includes any use of a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument against someone else.

Different penalties carry different punishments depending on the severity of the crime. When you start working with our attorneys, we can outline the possible punishments you could face. We advocate for Phoenix defendants facing:

Child Abuse

The Arizona Department of Child Safety defines child abuse as any physical, emotional, or sexual activity that harms someone under 18 years old. Also, this law includes neglect, abandonment, or exploitation.

The major categories of child abuse include:

  • Physical abuse: The infliction of physical injury to a child. A physical injury could include anything that causes bruising, bleeding, dehydration, malnutrition, burns, soft tissue swelling, and internal organ injuries. This also includes allowing a child to get into a physical condition that impairs their health or welfare.
  • Sexual abuse: This is when someone intentionally engages in sexual contact with any person under the age of eighteen years old.
  • Molestation of a child: This includes forcing a person under the age of fifteen to engage in sexual contact.

Depending on the severity of the abuse, you could get charged with a class 6 to a class 2 felony. These charges carry significantly different penalties.


Arizona law defines arson as when a person knowingly and unlawfully damages property by causing a fire or an explosion. Arizona classifies arson to a structure as a class 4 felony if the property’s value is over $1,000. If convicted, you could face at least 18 months in prison.

Sexual Assault

You could face a class 2 felony if convicted of sexual assault or rape. This kind of class 2 felony carries a minimum sentence of 5.25 years imprisonment. Also, you could have to register as a sex offender. This could affect where you can reside and work.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence pertains to any dangerous act inflicted on a spouse, sibling, parent, or child. This could range from physical assaults to the withholding of food and water.

Punishments for domestic violence in Arizona could include jail time, probation, and fines. Our attorneys can outline the specific penalties you could face when you call.

Assault or Aggravated Assault

Arizona law defines assault as:

  • Intentionally and knowingly causing physical injury to another person
  • Intentionally putting someone in imminent physical danger
  • Knowingly touching a person with the intent to injure them

If you get charged with assault, you could face punishment for a class 1 misdemeanor. An assault can become aggravated assault for several reasons. Common reasons include if the defendant assaults a police officer or chokes another person. If you get convicted of aggravated assault, you could expect to face harsh penalties.

Attempted Homicide or Homicide

If you get charged with committing a homicide or attempted homicide, you could face some of the harshest penalties under the law. For example, if you get charged with first-degree murder, you could face life in prison. Arizona also has the death penalty. While periodically under review, you could sit on death row if convicted.

This isn’t a comprehensive list of the charges we defend people from in Phoenix. You can learn more about our team, lawyers, and other matters when you begin a complimentary case review.

Contact Our Violent Crimes Team Serving Phoenix to Learn More

There’s a huge difference between getting charged and getting convicted of a violent crime in Phoenix. If you’re facing violent crime charges, there’s still a way for you to protect your future and avoid jail time. Working with a lawyer could be a wise option. Reach out to a Phoenix criminal defense lawyer.

When it feels like no one’s on your side, Gurion Legal is. To begin your free case review, call (480) 800-0020.

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