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Phoenix Child Trafficking Charges Attorneys

If you face allegations, arrest, or charges related to child trafficking in Phoenix, you should consider hiring a knowledgeable and skilled attorney immediately. These are serious accusations, and the consequences of a conviction could alter most aspects of your everyday life. A Phoenix child trafficking charges lawyer can protect your rights, develop a strong defense, and fight for a positive outcome in your case.

At Gurion Legal, our team is here for you. We represent clients accused of serious sex crimes and other major criminal offenses. Contact us today if you face allegations or if a loved one was arrested on suspicion of child trafficking. We can go to work on these cases immediately.

Working With a Phoenix Child Trafficking Defense Lawyer

Our founding partner, Omer Gurion, is a State Bar of Arizona Certified Specialist in criminal law. He understands how the criminal justice system works, how to navigate it, and what it takes to get the best possible outcome for his clients. We represent those who contend with false allegations, criminal charges, and other accusations of wrongdoing in Phoenix.

We know how to secure positive outcomes for our clients, whether that is a reduced sentence, a dismissal of charges, or a not-guilty verdict in court. Attorney Gurion is known for his relentless negotiating skills and abilities as a litigator, building strong defenses in even the most complex cases.

We regularly secure wins by preventing prosecutors from filing charges, negotiating a fair agreement, and completing jury trials. While our past experience does not guarantee we can do the same in your case, it shows we know how to fight for our clients and prevent them from facing the harshest consequences of a conviction.


Let Our Phoenix Defense Attorneys Go to Work on Your Child Trafficking Case

When our team works on a Phoenix child sex trafficking case, we take steps to understand what happened and develop a defense strategy in response. First, we have to get to the bottom of exactly what occurred. This often begins with an honest conversation with our client. We ask them questions and listen to their side of the story, asking them to recount every detail possible.

This helps us to see things from our client’s point of view, but it also gives us an opportunity to look for any mistakes made by the police. We have a chance to evaluate law enforcement’s evidence and the case prosecutors are building against our client.

Throughout this process, we represent the client and protect their rights.

We are by their side during:

  • Interrogations
  • Their initial court appearance or arraignment
  • Bail hearing
  • Other court appearances
  • Depositions
  • Trial

We also take steps to strengthen their defense and get a better outcome in the case by:

  • Helping them get bail or release on recognizance
  • Making pretrial motions to dismiss or bar evidence
  • Engaging in negotiations to reduce the charges or their sentence
  • Investigating and building a solid defense
  • Representing their best interests to the judge, jury, and others
  • Taking the case to trial if necessary

Even in the most complex cases, there are ways to get a better outcome. Our criminal defense attorneys are known for their negotiating skills and can do everything possible to safeguard your future.

Arizona’s Child Trafficking Laws Explained

Child trafficking is prohibited by ARS 13-3212. Under this statute, you can be charged with child sex trafficking for engaging in a wide variety of activities, including the following:

  • Knowingly causing someone younger than age 18 to participate in prostitution
  • Using someone younger than age 18 for prostitution
  • Allowing someone younger than 18 who is in your control or custody to engage in prostitution
  • Receiving a benefit by procuring a minor or placing him or her in the custody of someone who will cause them to engage in prostitution
  • Receiving a benefit by agreeing with someone else that you will receive some of the proceeds of a minor’s prostitution
  • Controlling, owning, supervising, managing, or financing child prostitution activities
  • Transporting a minor or paying for his or her transportation while intending that the minor will participate in prostitution
  • Providing the means to a minor for him or her to engage in prostitution
  • Harboring, enticing, transporting, recruiting, or providing a minor with the intent or knowledge that the minor will participate in prostitution or a sexually explicit performance

An explicit performance includes any demonstration that is designed to arouse another person and could include a strip show or other performance of a sexual activity.

An adult who is 18 or older knowingly engages in child trafficking when he or she does any of the following things:

  • Engages in prostitution with someone younger than 15
  • Engages in prostitution with someone who the person should or does know is between the ages of 15 and 17
  • Engages in prostitution with someone aged 15 to 17 without knowing that he or she is a minor

Under the statute, you cannot defend against a child trafficking charge by arguing that the child was actually an undercover officer pretending to be a minor or someone who is helping the police by pretending to be younger than age 18.

Child Trafficking Is a Serious Accusation in Phoenix

Phoenix child sex crimes attorneySex trafficking is a significant problem nationwide, and many states have taken steps to catch, convict, and penalize those responsible. This is especially true when many victims are teens, preteens, and children. Child trafficking is considered one of the worst sex crimes in Phoenix, so having a strong defense is imperative.

Under state law, you might face child sex trafficking accusations if the state alleges you:

  • Used, caused, or allowed someone 18 years old to work as a prostitute
  • Used a minor a prostitute
  • Transported a minor for sex work
  • Received pay or other benefits for a child prostitute
  • Received all or some proceeds of a minor’s prostitution
  • Managed or financed child prostitution
  • Enticed or recruited minors for sex work or sexual performance
  • Engaged in sex acts with someone you knew (or should have known) is younger than 18
  • Engaged in prostitution with someone under 15

Many possible scenarios can lead to child sex trafficking charges in Phoenix. Regardless of the circumstances, our team can help. We want to hear your side of the story, assess the case against you, and develop a strong strategy to defend you from the harsh consequences of a conviction. We recommend consulting our team as soon as possible after learning about child trafficking allegations. We are here to support you.

Possible Penalties From a Phoenix Child Trafficking Conviction

Phoenix child trafficking charges are felonies. This includes Class 6 or Class 2 felonies, depending on the offense that led to the arrest. Your situation determines the charges you could face. In many cases, people face multiple individual charges.

Here’s what to know about Class 6 and Class 2 felonies:

Class 6 Felonies Carry Serious Penalties

A lesser Phoenix child trafficking charge is engaging in prostitution with a minor aged 15 or over when you did not know they were underage. This is generally a Class 6 felony. All other trafficking charges are Class 2 felonies.

If convicted of a Class 6 felony, you could face:

  • A prison sentence ranging from four months to two years
  • Probation
  • Up to $150,000 in fines
  • Possible registration as a sex offender

Class 2 Felonies Can Permanently Alter Your Life

If you knew the minor was underage, even if they were age 15 or over, this is a Class 2 felony. In general, your possible sentence depends on the child’s age and any related criminal history on your record. This and the circumstances of the case play a significant role in sentencing.

When it comes to Class 2 felonies, convictions could result in:

  • Ten to 24 years for a first conviction
  • Seventeen to 31 years for a second felony conviction
  • Twenty-four to 38 years for a third felony conviction

When an alleged victim is under 15 years old, there are enhanced penalties under state laws related to dangerous crimes against children (DCAC).

These are still Class 2 felonies, but the possible sentences include:

  • Thirteen to 27 years in prison for a first conviction
  • Twenty-three to 37 years in prison for a second felony conviction

In addition to a prison sentence, a conviction could also call for fines, probation, and registration as a sex offender. Then, there are the social consequences of these arrests and convictions. A prison sentence disrupts your education or career. Personal relationships could falter. Limits on activities for convicted sex offenders could also change your relationship with your children.

In many cases, those charged with a child sex trafficking offense also face additional charges. Our team defends the client based on the entirety of their case, building a defense that provides a path to the best possible outcome. You do not have to look for someone else who knows how to handle other charges you might face, including probation violations. We strive to offer comprehensive legal help to those in need.

Building a Strong Defense Against Phoenix Child Trafficking Charges

The best possible outcome will come from avoiding facing sex trafficking charges, when possible. Time is critical in these cases. You could face an arrest and criminal charges within hours of learning of the allegations against you. We need time to challenge the other party’s evidence and present your side of the story.

Sometimes, however, sharing your version of events isn’t enough to dismiss the charges you face. Once our client faces child trafficking charges, we need to move on and create a defense strategy.

Our goal may be to:

  • Dismiss the charges
  • Bar evidence and weaken the prosecution’s case
  • Agree to a lesser charge
  • Offer a sentencing agreement in exchange for a guilty plea

The defense we use in your case will depend greatly on the circumstances and what happened. However, some common examples include:

You Did Not Engage in Child Trafficking

Mistaken identity happens in these cases. It is possible that the police or a victim identified the wrong individual. If this happened to you, we need to establish where you were at the time of the supposed event. We also need to build a case showing your activities that day. When possible, we can also present evidence to identify the perpetrator.

You Did Not Act Intentionally

All child sex trafficking crimes are intentional acts. You cannot accidentally violate these laws. The prosecution must provide evidence to show that you knew or should have known you were violating the law when you participated in the alleged illegal acts. The burden of proof is on the prosecutors, and they need to show that your guilt is “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Our job is to raise reasonable doubts in the minds of jurors.

There Was No Money Exchanged

Many child sex trafficking crimes center on prostitution. Prostitution requires that money or something of value is exchanged or promised. When this does not occur, the crime is not prostitution. You could still face charges of another crime related to sex with a minor, but we can argue that prosecutors do not have the evidence to prove prostitution occurred. If successful, this could lessen the charges you face.

The Police Violated Your Rights

When the police detain or arrest someone, that individual has rights. When law enforcement fails to uphold those rights, it can jeopardize the evidence they collect. This could lead to the court banning some evidence, dismissing charges, and more.

In child trafficking cases, we see the police violating our clients’ rights in several ways:

  • They did not have a warrant or cause to conduct a search.
  • Our client asked for an attorney, but the police continued questioning.
  • They failed to read the client their Miranda rights.
  • They used intimidation or other nefarious tactics to get a confession.

It is important to understand that law enforcement agencies often run sting operations to catch child traffickers. This could include using officers who are adults to pose as children. Not all adults can pass as children, however. If this played a role in your case, we can argue that you believed you were engaging with an adult and do not deserve child trafficking charges.

The Other Party Misunderstood Your Intentions

Some interactions (especially when drugs and alcohol are involved) can get confusing. You may have interacted with an underage sex worker with no intentions of engaging in illicit activity. You might also not have known their actual age, clouding your judgment.

We can use witness testimony, surveillance footage, and other information to paint a picture of what actually happened. We hope to show that you never intended to engage in sexual activity with a minor, and this is an unfortunate misunderstanding.

We May Aim for a Reduction in the Charges Against You

Here’s a hypothetical scenario in which we may secure a reduction in the charges you face. This would not eliminate probation, fines, or jail time, but it could lessen their impacts on your future.

Imagine you face charges for engaging in prostitution with a 14-year-old. This is generally a Class 2 felony charge. However, we show that you believed the teenager when they claimed to be 17. Prostitution with a 17-year-old is a Class 6 felony. If we can convince prosecutors to lessen the charge, you could face significantly fewer penalties and possibly avoid sex offender registration.

Get Help From Our Phoenix Child Trafficking Charges Lawyers

omer-gurion-headshotChild trafficking is a serious crime, and you should not try to fight accusations or charges on your own. We have someone available to discuss your case and options with you now. We are ready to review your case, talk about your defense, and weigh your next steps. It might be possible for our team to negotiate your release, reduce the charges you face, or clear your name altogether.

Contact us to learn more about how our criminal defense law firm. Dial (480) 800-0020.

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